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Artemether Injection

Product description


Artemether Injection is an antimalarial for treatment of multi-drug resistent strains of malaria. It's highly effective against the blood schizonts of both malarial parasites produced from mosquitoes, which are P.Falciparum and P.Vivex. Artemether is commonly used as a mono therapy but more recently it's used as a combination therapy with lumefantrine to treat the malaria in both children and adults.  Artemether has a rapid onset of action and is rapidly cleared from the body. It is thought that artemether provides rapid symptomatic relief by reducing the number of malarial parasites. It's reported that Artemether is clear severe fever from malaria within 30-84 hours.

USES: Treatment of severe malaria in areas where there is evidence that quinine is ineffective. 




Product Packaging
Artemether Injection can be packaged as:
6 ampoules / tray / box,
8 ampoules / tray / box,
or according to the customer's requirements
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Product Dosages


 Artemether  Injection  20mg/1ml  1000.1877
 Artemether   Injection  40mg/1ml  1000.1824
 Artemether  Injection  40mg/0.5ml   1000.1843
 Artemether  Injection  50mg/1ml  1000.0984
 Artemether  Injection  80mg/1ml  1000.1301
 Artemether  Injection  160mg/2ml  1000.1825 
Additional Information

DESCRIPTION: A colorless or yellowish clear oily solution. 

PHARMACOLOGY AND TOXICOLOGY: Animal pharmacodynamics showed that the drug is a strong schizonticide. Parasitemia clearance occurs rapidly with stable efficacy after administration. It is also effective against chloroquine-resistent P.Falciparum malaria. Acute toxicity studies on animals showed that the LDs of artemether in mice of single i.g. administration is 895mg/kg and a single i.m. injection is 296mg/kg. This proves that toxicity of artemether is quite low. 

PHARMACOKINETICS: The drug is absorbed rapidly and completely after i.m. injection. The maximum blood concentration of the drug is observed in about 7 hours after i.m. injection of 10mg/kg in the human body. The peak value is about 0.8ug/ml with the plasma half-life of about 13 hours. It is widely distributed in the body with the highest level found in the brain and followed by the liver and kidney. It is mainly excreted in the feces wtih a part of urine. 

INDICATIONS: Antimalarial Drug. For the treatment of all kinds of malaria including the chloroquine-resistent P.Falciparum malaria and the first aid of critical malaria. 

USAGE AND DOSAGE: The drug is used for intramuscular injection, five days course with the initial dose of 3.2mg/kg, followed by 1.6mg/kg for the following 4 days. 

PREGNANCY AND LACTATION: It should be used with caution in the first trimester of pregnancy since some focus absorption has been observed. 


 Under 1  Under 8 kg  75mg  25mg 25mg 25mg 25mg 25mg
 1-3  8 - 12.5 kg  120mg 40mg 20mg 20mg 20mg 20mg
 3-6  12.5 - 17.5 kg  150mg 50mg 25mg 25mg 25mg 25mg
 6-9  17.5 - 25 kg  240mg 80mg 40mg 40mg 40mg 40mg
 9-12  25 - 32 kg  300mg 100mg 50mg 50mg 50mg 50mg
 12-16  32 - 47 kg  360mg 120mg 60mg 60mg 60mg 60mg

The dose for children should be decreased or increased on the basis of the individual weight or under the doctor's prescription. 

DRUG INTERACTIONS: Studies and reviews in the literature demonstrated that the active substance of Artemether had no interactions with other drugs on decreasing therapeutic effects and increasing toxicity and side effects in human bodies. 

OVERDOSE: Although no case of overdosage has been documented, in case of accident, symptomatic treatment is recommended under the instruction of a doctor. 

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