Gentamycin Injection

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Gentamycin Sulfate Injection

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Gentamycin Injection

Product description


Gentamycin Injection is used to treat or prevent a wide veriety of bacterial infections and is mainly used to treat eye infections. Gentamycin belongs to the drug class known as aminoglycoside antibiotics and works by ceasing the growth of bacteria, particularly those caused by gram-negative organisms. Gentamycin is one of the few heat-stable aminoglycoside antibiotics that remain active even after autoclaving, which makes Gentamycin more useful in the preparation of some microbiological growth media. It is used during orthopaedic surgery when involoving high temperatures such as hip replacements when setting cements. 

Product Packaging
Gentamycin Injection can be packaged as:
10 ampoules / tray / box,
10 ampoules / tray, 10 tray / box,
or according to the customer's requirements
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Product Dosages


Gentamycin Injection 10mg/1ml 1000.0826
Gentamycin Injection 20mg/1ml 1000.1347
Gentamycin Injection 20mg/2ml 1000.1261
Gentamycin Injection 40mg/1ml 1000.1291
Gentamycin Injection 40mg/2ml 1000.1260
Gentamycin Injection 80mg/2ml 1000.1180
Gentamycin Injection 280mg/2ml 1000.1336
Additional Information


Gentamycin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic used, usually in combination, to treat severe systemic infections due to sensitive Gram-negative and other organisms. They include biliary- tract infections, brucellosis, endometritis, gastroenteritis, cystic fibrosis, as well as in the prophylaxis of surgical infection and the treatment of immunocompromised patients those in intensive care.


Gentamycin sulphate is commonly given intramuscularly every 8 hours to provide a total daily dose of 3 to 5mg of gentamicin per kg body-wedght. It may be given intravenously in similar doses to those used intramuscularly.


The aminoglycosides can produce irreversible, cumulative ototoxicity affecting both, the cochlea and the vestibular system. The incidence and relative toxicity with different aminoglycosides is a matter of some dispute, but netilmicin is probably less cocUeotoxic than gentamycin or tobramycin, and amikacin more so, and netilnicin also exhibits less vestibular toxicity than gentamycin, tobramycin, or amikacin while streptomycin produces a high incidence of vestibular damage, Vestibular damage is more common than hearing loss in patients receiving gentamycin.


Gentamycin is contra-indicated in patients with a known history of alle^y to it, and probably in those allergic to other aminoglycosides. Great care is required in patients with myasthenia gravis, parkinsonism, and other conditions characterized by muscular weakness. Topical application of gentamyicin is contra-indicated in patients with known or suspected perforation of the ear drum. Use of aminoglycosides during pregnancy may damage the 8th cranial nerve of the fetus.


Store in a cool & dark place.

Protect from light.


3 years

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