Multi-Vitamin (NEUTRIX) Syrup

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Multi-Vitamin (NEUTRIX) Syrup

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Multi-Vitamin (NEUTRIX) Syrup

Product description


Neturix Syrup is generally used as a tonic, to improve well-being, to support organ function and for prophylaxis, for the prevention of vitamin deficiencies, for boosting the immune system. For the prevention of rickets and disturbances of development and growth. Neutrix multi-vitamin syrup is also used as a preventative measure for mental and physical exhaustion. 

Product Packaging
Multi-Vitamin (NEUTRIX) Syrup can be packaged as:
240ml Plastic Bottle / Box
40 Bottles / Carton
or according to the customer's requirements.
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Multi-Vitamin
  • China
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Product Dosages


Multi-Vit (NEUTRIX)  Syrup   1000.2699
Additional Information

Each 5ml contains:
Calcium Glycerophosphate 80mg
Potassium Glycerophosphate 20mg
Vitamin A 1200 i.u.
Vitamin D3 100 i.u.
Vitamin C 100 50mg
Vehiculo c.b.p. 5ml
Plus Fish Liver Oil

3 times daily,1-2 tablespoons each time with warm water

For children the dose may be reduced according to age or directed by a physician.

Store in a cool, dry place; protect from light


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