Gentamycin Ear & Eye Drops

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Gentamycin Ear & Eye Drops

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Gentamycin Ear & Eye Drops

Product description


Gentamycin Sulfate Drops is a medication used to treat ear & eye infections which are caused by a specific type of bacteria. It can be used to prevent infections in the eye in cases that the eye has been injured and is more susceptible to infections. Gentamycin Sulfate Drops work by killing the bacteria that has caused the infection in the eye or ears. 

Product Packaging
Gentamycin Ear & Eye Drops can be packaged as:
1 Dropper per Box, 10 Boxes per Middle Box, 1000 Boxes per Carton
or according to the customer's requirements.
  • Antibiotic
  • Gentamycin
  • China
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Product Dosages


Gentamycin  Ear & Eye Drops  0.40% 1000.2564 
Additional Information


Make note that during treatment you should not wear contact lenses. 

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