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Atenolol Tablets

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Atenolol Tablets

Product description


Atenolol is a beta1-selective (cardioselective) beta-adrenergic receptor blocking agent without membrane stabilizing or intrinsic sympathomimetic (partial agonist) activities. Atenolol is incompletely absorbed from the GI tract with peak serum concentrations occurring within 2-4 hours following oral administration. Half-life is 6-9 hours, excreted in the urine and feces; protein binding is low; it does not cross the blood brain barrier. 

Treatment of hypertension and management of angina pectoris. 

Product Packaging
Atenolol Tablets can be packaged as:
10 tablets per blister
or according to the customer's requirements.
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Product Dosages


 Atenolol  Tablet  25mg  1000.0660
 Atenolol  Tablet  50mg  1000.0897
 Atenolol  Tablet  100mg  1000.0744
Additional Information


For oral administration:

Adults: 50-100mg/dose given daily

Children: 1-2mg/dose given daily


Pulmonary edema, cardiogenic shock, bradycardia, heart block or uncompensated congestive heart failure.


1. Abrupt withdrawal of the drug should be avoided and the drug should be discontinued over 1-2 weeks.

2. Modify dosage in patients with renal impairment.


Bradycardia, hypotension, second or third degree A-V block, dizziness, fatigue, lethargy, headache; wheezing and dyspnea have occurred when daily dosage exceeded 100mg/day.


1. Catecholamine-depleting drugs (eg. Reserpine) may have an additive effect when given with beta-blocking agents. Patients treated with atenolol plus a catecholamine depletory should therefore be closely observed for evidence of hypotension and/or marked bradycardia which may produce vertigo, syncope, or postural hypotension.

2. Calcium channel blockers may also have an additive effect when given with atenolol.

3. Beta blockers may exacerbate the rebound hypertension which can follow the withdrawal of clonidine. If the two drugs are coadministered, the beat blocker should be withdrawn several days before the gradual withdrawal of clonidine. If replacing clonidine by beta-blocker therapy, the introduction of beta blockers should be delayed for several days after clonidine administration has stopped.

4. Concomitant use of prostaglandin synthase inhibiting drugs, eg, indomethacin, may decrease the hypotensive effects of beta blockers.


Store in a dry place, below 25℃. Protect from direct sunlight.

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