Automatic Veterinary Drench Syringe Gun

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Veterinary Drench Syringe Gun

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Automatic Veterinary Drench Syringe Gun

Product description


Mercator's state of the art Automatic Drench Syringe Gun has a comprehensive range of dosage capabilities. Durable syringe, metal and plastic construction, strong suction strength, comfortable holding experience, and durable for long lasting operation. 

Product Packaging
1 pcs/box, 20 boxes/carton
  • China
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Product Dosages


Drench Syringe Gun Multiple Use 30ml 3000.0115
Additional Information

For a more comprehensive multiple purpose instrument, Mercator offers the construction of the Automatic Veterinary Drench Syringe Gun.

This instrument is of high durability, made from metal and plastic counterparts, with a strong suction strength to undertake a more stable performance.

It not only encompasses reliability factors, but also accommodates the surgeons comfort in mobility of one’s holding experience. This will subsequently cater for a longer lasting operation. 

Further to this, it’s after use benefits can be highlighted in its design setup, which allows efficient maintenance due to its high temperature endurance and chemical corrosion.  

All packaging consists of high quality seals to ensure precise dosage administration, and keeps from leakage and wasting medicine.


Additional Specification:

  • Multishot Needle Syringes:

Personal use for  insulin auto-injector used by diabetic patients.

  • Venom Extraction Syringes:  

Prevents punctuation of the wound.  When syringe is pulled back, plastic nozzles are placed over the affected area and then the syringe is pulled back. This creates a vacuum that sucks out the venom.

For poultry and large animals, Mercator offers the Veterinary Drencher Gun. The design of this instrument consists of different versions according to the product to inject. All models perform high dosing precision, but good functioning syringes is linked with necessary cleaning and maintenance.

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