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Albendazole Bolus

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Albendazole Bolus

Product description


Albendazole, particularly in bolus form, is commonly used as a treatment for a wide range of parasitic worm infestations in animals. As a broad spectrum anthelmintic (dewormer) in the benzimidazole group, it is effective against flukes (trematodes), tapeworms (cestodes), and nematodes (pinworms, whipworms, hookworms, roundworms and filariae).

It is used as a prophylaxis and treatment of worm infections in many different kinds of animals, such as poultry, elephants, cats, dogs, camels, swine, goats and cattle. Albendazole is a vermicide, meaning that it kills the parasitic worms infecting the host animal.

Product Packaging
Albendazole Boluses can be packaged as:
1 bolus / blister / box, 20 boxes / middle box,
5 boluses / blister / box,
5 boluses / blister, 10 blisters / box,
50 boluses / plastic jar,
1 bolus / sachet, 250 sachets / bucket,
or according to the customer's requirements.
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Product Dosages


Albendazole Bolus 150mg 2000.0090
Albendazole Bolus 250mg 2000.0398
Albendazole Bolus 300mg 2000.0261
Albendazole Bolus 600mg 2000.0260
Albendazole Bolus 2500mg  2000.0259 
Additional Information


Each bolus contains:
Albendazole …………………………..300mg

Anthelmintics(for livestock)

ALBENDAZOLE 300mg Bolus is a broad spectrum anthelmintic used in the control and treatment of Roundworms&Tapeworms, Lungworms and Liver flukes in cattle, calves, sheep, goats and camels. It is also ovicidal and will kill worm and fluke eggs in animals.

ALBENDAZOLE 300mg Bolus is administered orally either directly by hand or by means of a bolus (balling) gun.
It can also be given after crushing the boli dose and (i) mixing with a little water to make a drench or (ii) mixing with a little feed.

Worm Dose: 7.5mg Albendazole per kg body weight
Fluke Dose: 10mg Albendazole per kg body weight.
Do not exceed the stated dose.
BODY WEIGHT(kg) Number of BOLI
Worm Dose Fluke and Worm Dose
Up to 50 1 1.5
100 2.5 3.5
150 4 5
200 5 7
250 6.5 8.5
300 7.5 10
350 9 11.5

Once the drug is absorbed, Albendazole is metabolized to Albendazole sulphoxide; the metabolite is biologically responsible for the anthelmintic activity of the drug. The mechanism of action of Albendazole is based on the dissimilar life functions of the host animal and the helminthes. It acts on the helminth by inhabiting the fumarate reductase enzyme system, thereby blocking the mitochondrial energy-releasing processes, disrupting the worm’s uptake of glucose and its glycogen metabolism. It has very good anthelmintic activity on nematode, cestode and trematode parasites of livestock. It has the special merit of being effective against not only the adult and immature stages of the worms but also being ovicidal for eggs of the helminthes.

Albendazole achieves effective control of among other species, the following helminthes of livestock.

A: Nematodes
1. Nematodes of the Stomach
Haemonchus spp. e.g. H. placei Ostertagia spp. e.g. O.ostertagi, O. Circumcinata, O.trifucata, Trichostrongylus spp. e.g. T. axei, T.colubriformis
2. Nematodes of the Small Intestines
Cooperia spp. e.g. C. punctata C. pectinata
Nematodirus spp. e.g. N. spathiger, N.helvetianus
Bunostomum spp. e.g. B. phlebotomum, B.trigonocephalum, Strongyloides spp. e.g. S. papillosus, Ascaris spp. e.g. Toxocara vitulorum
3. Nematodes of the Large Intestines
Oesophagostomum spp.e.g. Oe. Venulosum, Oe. Radiatum, Oe. Columbianum, Chabertia spp. e.go. Ch.ovina, Trichuris spp.e.g. T.ovis
4. Nematodes of the Respiratory System(i.e.Lungworms)
Dictyocaulus spp.e.g. D.viviiparous, D.filaria Muellerius spp. Protostrongylus spp. Neostrongylus spp. Cystocaulus spp. Metastrongylus spp.

B: Cestodes
1. Intestinal Tapeworms
Moniezia spp e.g. M.expansa. M. benedini
2. Liver Tapeworms
Thysanosoma spp.e.g. T. actiniodes, Stilesia spp. e.g. S.hepatica

C: Trematodes
Liver Flukes: Fasciola spp.e.g. F. hepatica, F. gigantica
Stomach Flukes: Paramphistomum spp e.g. P. cervi, P. Liorchis

WITHDRAWAL PERIOD: Meat: 14 days, Milk: 3 days

It should not be used in animals at mating or during early pregnancy.
Wash hands after administering the treatment.
The products should not be handled by pregnant women.

Store in a cool dry place
Protect from light.
Keep the drug out of reach of children.

5 boluses in a blister
10 blister in a box

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