Albendazole Oral Suspension

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Albendazole Oral Suspension

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Albendazole Oral Suspension

Product description


Albendazole Oral Suspension is a broad-spectrum dewormer. It is commonly used as a treatment for a wide range of parasitic worm infestations in animals. As an anthelmintic in the benzimidazole group, it is effective against flukes (trematodes), tapeworms (cestodes), and nematodes (pinworms, whipworms, hookworms, roundworms and filariae).

It is used as a prophylaxis and treatment of worm infections in many different kinds of animals, such as poultry, elephants, cats, dogs, camels, swine, goats and cattle. Albendazole is a vermicide, meaning that it kills the parasitic worms infecting the host animal.
Product Packaging
Albendazole Oral Suspension can be packaged in:
500ml plastic bottles
1 Liter plastic bottles
or according to the customer's requirements.
  • Antihelmintic
  • Albendazole
  • China
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Product Dosages


Albendazole Oral Solution 2.5% 2000.0287
Albendazole Oral Solution 10% 2000.0289
Albendazole  Oral Solution  15% 2000.0290

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